Our Services

We all need some help from time to time. Whether its personal, home or business, Dreamworx Consultants has the experience to help you meet those goals, short term or long term, you always get the same high value, affordable assistance. We provide individualized service for the time pressed at affordable rates.

One way we keep costs down is by offering on-site and off-site rates. Generally charge $20 for on-site labour, whether that is data entry or janitorial or event planning. But if the task/job can be done off-site, a lower rate can be arranged. 

We also provide retainer based schedules for long term assignments, and other arrangements can be made in advance.
*Ask for details.

Business Assistance

- Demographics
- Desktop publishing
- Courier/Errands*
- Marketing/Promotion
- Event planning
- Janitorial
- Business development
- Administrative/Secretarial

Domestic Assistance

- Housekeeping
- Personal Shopper
- House painting/decorating
- Personal Chef*
- House/pet sitting*
- Personal Assistant*


It's having the best parts of living at home with your mom, but without all those embarrassing moments. 
We offer three levels of service as well as a la carte pricing for convenience. 

We also provide great rates for rooming/fraternity/sorority and shared housing.

We specialize in three key areas:
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Consulting

                    Gold            Silver         Bronze
Hskp        4x                 3x             2x    (month)

Meals       10                 7               5      (small)

Cons.      5 hrs/month   N/A         N/A    (via phone/Skype)

A la Carte

Housekeeping/organizing  $ 20/hr
Meals                                    $   5 Small      $8 Large  
Consulting                           $ 10 /hr on phone/Skype
                                              $ 20 in-person  

*Ask for details

We provide healthy, nutritious, home cooked meals, tailored to your preferences. For those on restricted diets, we work with you to minimize cost and food waste, we can also provide shopping services for an additional fee*.

Contact us today for a free half hour telephone/Skype assessment to see how we can assist you with living a healthier, less stressful life. Just like having a mom around.

Urban agriculture/Aquaponics

Growing your own food is one of the best ways to ensure food quality and security. With aquaponics you can have fresh vegetables and fish right in your home. Dreamworx Consultants will install, and maintain your very own aquaponics farm with a selection of vegetables of your choosing (no root vegetables) and fresh fish (typically Tilapia). As few as 4 people, can eat GMO-free, pesticide and herbicide-free vegetables for a lifetime.

Where outdoor conditions are favorable, we can install raised beds, hanging planters or/and produce containers.
Depending on space and environmental conditions, we can assess the best production methods for maximum yield and minimum waste.

Life Coach

Get the support and assistance you need when you need it. In-person or by phone or Skype, we can provide you with timely, personalized and discreet assistance. 
Whether you need information, motivation, or recreation, we are here for you.

*Ask for details/quote