Frequently Asked Questions

What can Dreamworx Consultants offer me?
We offer a wide range of services, from personal shopper to courier to janitorial services and beyond. Here are a couple of client examples:

Young medical professional, weekly house cleaning and monthly medical billing data entry. Both we prearranged fixed cost and the occasional purchase of household items was billed with receipt.  

Rooming house with 21 bedrooms, four kitchens, six bathrooms in four sections on two floors, once a month cleaning of common areas and twice a month spraying for a prearranged fixed cost. Purchase of cleaning products and supplies provided by property owner and kept on-site.

We've also done house painting and decorating projects, provided house/pet sitting service with property upkeep, data entry and meal service. It all depends on what the client needs at any given time. As your life changes, your needs do as well and we are versatile enough to change right along side.

What will it cost me?
The initial thirty minute consultation is free of charge.
The hourly rate is $20 plus expenses/purchases, but as mentioned, for long term projects/jobs, the fee can be negotiated.

Do you serve my area?
We specialize in working with urban clients and the core of the City of Toronto, but we will travel to suburban locations upon demand.
Bordered by the T.T.C. line would be a good way to think of the area serviced

If you have any questions please email us - info@dreamworx.ca.